Jewish Menorah Monument in Kielce

Jewish Menorah Monument or Monument commemorating Nazi victims of Kielce Ghetto erected is a monument commemorating 20,000 Jews from Kielce Ghetto murdered by German Nazis in August 1942 and was dedicated to the victims by residents of Kielce. The monument in the shape of the Menorah was erected on the 65th anniversary of the liquidation of Ghetto in Kielce. 

Between August 19 and 24, 1942 Germans shifted to Treblinka Nazi death camp 20,000 Jews from Kielce as well as Jewish from other parts of Poland, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Lodz and Berlin. Between 1200 and 1500 people were murdered in Kielce Ghetto. The monument was designed by Marek Cecula. Israeli Vice Ambassador to Poland Yossi Levi stressed that the fate of Kielce Jews did not differed from the fate of all Jews herded from other parts of Poland. The mayor of Kielce, German consul to Poland and Poland’s chief Rabbi planted jointly at the monument an olive tree, the tree of peace and reconciliation. Ceremonies ended with prayers for the dead said by Poland’s chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich and representatives of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews.
The monument was founded by the Jan Jarski Association with assistance granted by the mayor of Kielce.

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