Ksiezy mlyn in Lodz

The name „Ksiezy Mlyn” came from the property that was intended for industry development and mill situated there, which on the beginning of XIX century was possession of Lodz rector, and from 1825 was included to new linen – cotton settlement. From 1870 this area became a possession of Karol Wilhelm Scheibler, which after season of “cotton crisis”, was the biggest Lodz industrialist and he used the land that he bought to expansion his company, named as a central station. During the 70 – ties years of XIX century on the area of “Ksiezy Mlyn” was created a urbaniste – architectural group, which included : factories, factory settlement and owner’s residence, later on, they added a new elements such as like: fire – brigade building, school, shops and hospital. 

In 1878 near of factories Scheibler’s was build a settlement that counted 18 two storey houses from red brick, and designed on a plan of rectangle. The whole size of this area was 500 ha, what was of those days 1/7 territory of Lodz, also they’ve connected this huge industry creation by private railway system. In this way “Ksiezy Mlyn”, named form the German as a “Pfaffendorf”, became enclave independent form the city. Because of his unique character and preservation almost in unaffected condition most of the buildings from complex, “Ksiezy Mlyn” is now one of the precious historic monuments of postindustrial Europe. “Ksiezy Mlyn” is a classic example of a wealthy factory owner’s residence, whose antique furnishings are typical of high-society Lodz at the turn of the 19th century.

Address: 72 Przedzalniana Street

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