Lubomirski Summer Palace in Rzeszow

Walking through the most picturesque street in the city centre of Rzeszow, called Under the Chestnut Trees Alley, you will find yourselves in the direct neighbourhood of the Lubomirski Summer Palace. The attractiveness of this place is emphasized by exclusive Art Nouveau houses which constitute the heart of an antique residential district. To this day the late-baroque style palace, situated on the corner of Dekerta Street and Lubomirski Alley, is the most beautiful aristocratic residence of the Sub-Carpathian region.

The palace was raised between the 17th and the 18th century. It was designed in a late-baroque style with the characteristic triangle pediments with panels for coat of arms in the centre. The palace was commissioned to be raised by the owner of the cities and estates of the Rzeszow region – Hieronim Lubomirski. The palace is situated in the neighbourhood of a bastion stronghold and its original purpose was to be a summer retreat for the citizens of Rzeszow. Situated near a lake with an island, on which one could take a gondola ride, it was separated from it by a slope with a vineyard – which resembles numerous renaissance summer residences. Another name for the palace was the Palace on the Vineyard, because according to the architectural piece of art in which numerous projects of the famous architect Tylman van Gameren were used. During the expansion of the palace, the court architect was Karol Wiedemann, a Saxon. He introduced a couple of changes to the initial project – a mansard roof, an exterior architectural ornament made in wood from a black oak (or a water oak) having its origin from the Wislok river. He also modernised the surrounding of the palace. He design a garden constituting of a plant parterre and ponds, enriched by sculptures on plinths and exotic plants in vases. The Saxon style Summer Residence situated in the garden near the castle in the 18th century was at that time called the Garden Palace, as it was undoubtedly an important element of the castle complex. The Summer Palace was handed over to the State School of Music, situated in neighbourhood. Under a Regional Conservation Officer supervision between 1981 and 1985 the building was renovated and converted for teaching purposes. At first it was a branch of the Academy of Music in Cracow and the Academy of Musical Education of the local Pedagogical College. Later on, the Institute of Music of the University of Rzeszow was situated there. The central hall served as an auditorium, whilst the smaller rooms were used as classrooms for musical instruments teaching. In spite of the  antique architecture of the residence, the antique interior decor inside did not preserve, that is why its current purpose seems to be optimal. Since July 2008 the Computer Science Chair, which is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Nature of the University of Rzeszow, has situated in the palace.

Address: 2 Dekerta Street

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