Magura National Park

The Park has existed since January 1st 1995. It is situated in the central part of the Beskid Niski, on the well-head area of the Wisloka (Debi Wierch – 575 meters), between the Eastern and Western Carpathians. The area of the park is 19962 ha, of which the forests comprise 86% and the meadows 14%. A protective zone of the park called “otulina” is constituted by – existing since 1991 – a region of a protected landscape with the area of 22967 ha.

The Park protects vast complexes of old natural stands of trees of forest character, which cover highland swells traversed with valleys of streams, meadows and fir forests. Lower prealps – above 530 meters, covered mainly with fertile Carpathian beech wood and also fir and fir-pine forests, usually of artificial origin. In the Park around 30 plant associations, mainly forest ones (87%) have been identified. The flora: 360 species of vascular plants have been found, including 45 mountain and 41 legally protected species.
The fauna: rich and varied, of forest type, around 200 legally protected species. There are here around 30 species of mammals, e.g.: the bear, the wildcat, the lynx, the wolf and the otter. Birds – 137 species, including 108 breeding species, e.g. the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos, the honey buzzard Pernis apivorus and the three-toed woodpecker Picoides tridactylus. In the rich world of amphibians and reptiles the Aesculapian snake Elaphe longissima is worth mentioning.

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