Maltanka in Poznan

The Maltanka railway is supervised by MPK Poznan and it works from April till September/October. Older habitants of Poznan certainly remember first railway for children. Its opening took place on 22 July 1956. Because the railway was then assigned to ZHP (Polish Scouts Movement), it was called Scout Railway for Children. As the time went, the railway was losing its popularity, which was influenced by the devastation of Debina territory and the construction of Hetmanska route.

In 1972 the whole rolling stock was transferred to the territory along Malta Lake that was to be a sports site. At that time this territory was put in good order and at the same time the construction of the New ZOO was initiated. This contributed to the further development of the railway. A new line, that ended next to the main entrance to the ZOO, was constructed and new carriage and a second locomotive were prepared for use. Thanks to this, for many years the railway was a basic and at the same time very attractive means of transportation to the ZOO. Used by children and tourists, it has broken a record of frequent use becoming at the same time one of the Poznan tourist attractions.
At the end of 80s as part of preparations to The ICF Canoe Sprint Works Championships that took place on Malta Lake, the lake reservoir and its surrounding were renovated. At that time a pass-by on Balbinka Station was constructed and the route of the railway was made more attractive by leading the line through a tunnel near the camping place. In 1998 a new stylish building of Maltanka Station was constructed. It was patterned after the architecture of old railway buildings made of timber framing. Today there is a restaurant inside the building. In 2001, half of the track was renovated and old track, part of which was from XIX century, was replaced.

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