Mine drifts and the B pavilion in Jasna Gora parks in Czestochowa

The building dates back to 1908 and was built for the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition. It is located in the south-western part of Stanislaw Staszic Park, between Pasaz Biskupa Barely and 7 Kamienic Street. There are two longitudinal corridors in its basement: northern and southern – one of them splits to the west and north-west, and crosswise corridors: eastern and western. In the northern corridor there is an excavator cutter with a wagon and an electric engine, a wagon with output and a wagon for explosives. In the southern corridor there is an electric engine, a wagon and a pit prop wagon and in the eastern corridor you can find a centrifugal pump.

Between the corridors:
-From the west – a replica of a wall excavation with an appliance loading the output to a conveyor, connected with unloading to a wagon connected with a loader,
-A large exposition room where mining appliances and tools divided into two sections are displayed,
-A small exposition room, where there is a replica of a pump station with six mine pumps,
On corridors’ floors tracks have been laid on wooden plates covered with gravel and there are electric traction wires and mine lamps above them.

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