Monument of the Revolutionary Deed in Rzeszow

Monument of the Revolutionary Deed is also known as the Revolutionary Memorial Walk and concerns, of course, battles waged in the Rzeszow region. This monument from the beginning aroused much controversy, and various associations. In the stylized laurel leaves some people saw a donkey ears, others had a more obscene connotations. 

The general contractor was the work of Enterprise Works Road Krakow. Sculptures made in Krakow and they were installed on the monument at the end of 1973/74. In the spring of 1974  the monument was almost ready. In the absence of Wladyslaw Kruczek unveiling of the monument made in the company of George Gawrysiak deserving veterans, fighters, war veterans and accumulated large numbers of society. At the memorial held ceremonies like feta, fits, vows, etc. to give paraded before the grandstand on the May Day demonstrations.

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