Museum of Motorization and Technology in Bialystok

The Museum of Motorization and Technology was opened in 2006 on the initiative of the Association of Lovers of Old Cars and Techniques. It embraces people passionate about old automotive industry and technology and is responsible for exposing their collections that used to be stored in private garages. 

Currently, the museum exposition consists of: old bicycles, old motorbikes from 1920-1981, old cars from 1930-1981 and their prototypes, old public transport, railways and fire safety exhibits, dioramas – military reconstructions, military items, old radio sets, TV, and communications equipment and other old exhibits of technology and automotive industry. Moreover, some periodic events popularizing knowledge of old automotive industry and teaching something about the technology are organized on the museum premises, for example old technology festivities, exhibitions of collectiva items (during which there is a possibility to test various vehicles), events focused on reconstructing military activity. The museum opens when these additional events take place. It is possible to arrange some individual sightseeing tours, for example on Sundays.

Address: 84 Weglowa Street 

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