Nicolaus Copernicus University

Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Torun, founded in 1945, is the largest university in Northern Poland in regard to its scientific potential, as well as to the number of fields of study offered, forms of education, and numbers of students and graduates. For the past few years, UMK has been ranked one of the top five Polish universities. This position is confirmed by a high level of research and teaching offers. 

UMK comprises 11 faculties: Biology and Earth Sciences; Chemistry; Languages; Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics; Humanities; Mathematics and Computer Science; Economic Science and Management; History; Law and Administration; Fine Arts; Theology. All faculties are authorized to confer the academic doctor’s degree, and – except for the Faculty of Theology– the degree of a doctor habilitated – a post-doctoral degree. Conferring a doctorate is possible in 23 disciplines, and a habilitation in 20. Since the moment of the establishment of the University more than 2200 people obtained the doctorate and more than 570 the habilitation. In addition to the faculties, there are inter-faculty and all-University centres, and interdisciplinary panels participating in the didactic, scientific, research, and organizational activity of UMK. The proper functioning of the University’s computer structure is looked after by the University Computer Centre. UMK has over 3000 employees, including 1400 university teachers, of which 200 are professors. The rich UMK offer is used today by almost 36 thousand students, who are educated in 41 majors, 98 specializations, over 50 kinds of postgraduate studies and 13 doctoral studies. In recent years, UMK has accepted about 10 thousand new students per year, and the number of graduates approaches 100 thousand. Students have unique artistic and conservation studies to choose from inter-faculty, interdisciplinary humanistic and science studies, as well as specializations rarely found at other universities, including Medical Physics.

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