Old Cemetry in Rzeszow

Old Age necropolis cemetery is hiding the remains of several generations of Rzeszow people. Old Cemetery was founded in the late eighteenth century after the adoption by the Austrian authorities ban the burial of the dead churches. Initially, it was a small area of the church, then in nineteenth century, it was enlarged to the present size. Officially Old Cemetery was open in 1910; occasionally even the dead were buried here after the last war.

Old Cemetery now occupies an area of 3.65 ha. At the cemetery, mostly in its front part, still retains about 200 tombstones, the oldest of which date back to the late eighteenth century. In Old Cemetery you can see a modest stately obelisks and tombstones in the shape of coffins, shrines and columns. The most common is the classical tombstones. Some of them are stone works of art of high artistic value. The most valuable include stone tombstone Leo Schott made in 1903 in the workshop of J. Kulesza in Krakow. You will also find the graves of many famous and distinguished people for the city, the graves of insurgents of 1831 and 1863, and the victims of the recent war.

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