Ostromecko-suburban culture centre in Bydgoszcz

Ostromecko is situated on the right bank of the Vistula River, just 2.5 km from the district of Bydgoszcz called Fordon and about 10 km east from the city centre. The picturesque landscape of the surrounding nature reserves: Great Cluster of Ostromecko, Marianski Forest, Reptowo, Little Cluster of Ostromecko and easy access even for those who do not come by their own cars, encourage tourist to visit the place very frequently. In summer there is a special bus services that runs to Ostromecko. 

There is always the all year-round service of rail-buses that start from the railway station Bydgoszcz – Glowna. Enthusiasts of longer trips can also get to Old Fordon district, from where they can reach Ostromecko on foot. The nearly 5 km long route goes across the longest bridge in the city – the 1,005 meters long Rudolf Modrzejewski bridge in Fordon. It is worth noting that the first historical mention of the village of Ostromecko comes from 1222. But thanks to archaeological research carried out on the area it was discovered that there was a cemetery there from the period of approximately 700 – 400 BC, which confirms the existence of early human settlements in the area.
The sacred art of the community is represented by the Gothic St. Nicholas, Stanislaus and John the Baptist Church that was built in stages from about 1445. Ostromecko functions as a suburban culture centre. The Municipal Centre of Culture in Bydgoszcz uses the palace and park as the venue for numerous exhibitions, art galleries and music concerts, which host foreign artists as well. The beautiful scenery of the palace rooms and halls and the park are perfect settings for intimate parties, outdoor events, and carnival balls. The accommodation facilities, including dozens of comfortably furnished rooms, a restaurant, summer cafe and wine bar encourage tourists and residents of Bydgoszcz to come and stay in Ostromecko.

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