Polish kings of the Early Modern era wielded relatively little power and had rather shallow coffers; however real power lay in the hands of the nobility. That is the reason as to why the palaces built by the wealthiest Polish families, such as the Radziwills, Potockis, Lubomirskis or Dzialynskis, repeatedly surpassed in opulence the royal residences.

Today their palaces in Wielkopolska and Malopolska, in the Lublin region as well as in Masovia stand witness to the old splendour of those magnates. Many magnificent residences which have survived have some well-preserved interiors from the 17th to 20th century representing styles from the early Baroque to the eclectic trend of the 19th century. Recently many palaces were turned into luxurious hotels.

Amongst best preserved palaces, best known are: Wilanow, Nieborow, Kozlowka, Rogalin, Pszczyna etc.

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