Palm House in Lodz

Palm House in Lodz has trees and plants that are about 130 years old. There are also many carnivorous plants in the Palm House at Lodz, which are really dangerous. As a result, pets are not allowed in the garden. Palm House is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Polish city. This place is a favorite with avid nature lovers and with people, who love forests. 

Palm House in Lodz is frequented by large numbers of people annually, specially during the winters. The place is warm as well as relaxing.  As the name of the place indicates, Palm House of Lodz, Poland has vast collection of palm trees, apart from many other varieties of plants and trees. Completely renovated in 2003 and now the most modern example of its kind in Poland, the quirky Palm House is a delight for green-fingered jungle types. The palm house’s collection includes 4,500 specimens of more than 1,100 plant species and varieties. Of the 65 plant families, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Araceae, Begoniaceae, Piperaceae, Marantaceae, Orchidaceae and the Phylum Pteridophyta are most numerously represented. Eighteen species of palm trees are among the oldest plants here. A number of them are more than 130 years old and rise to a height of nearly 18 m. The Palm House is surrounded by the “Zrodliska” historical park that can boast 300-year old oak trees.

Address: 61 Pilsudskiego Avenue

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