Palm House in Poznan

The Poznan Tropical Plants Exhibition (The Palm House) is the largest of its kind in Poland. The first green house with a total size of 534 sq meters was built in 1910-11. Between 1928-29 a construction three times this, reaching 1694 meters, was put up, but it was destroyed over the period 1939, 1945. After one year of reconstruction the building was opened to visitors in 1946.

Unfortunately over the years it fell into disrepair and finally in 1978, because of the dangerous conditions for visitors, it was closed. A completely new Palm House was officially opened on 1st October 1992. It has a 4600 sq. meter surface area and a 46 000 cubic meter volume. The present exhibition is divided into 9 pavilions and one aquarium zone. No matter the time of year (in winter its tropically warm) you should visit the Palm House while in Poznan. For a walk among the tropical and moderate climate plants reserve an hour.

Address: 18 Matejki Street

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