Parachute Tower in Kosciuszko Park in Katowice

Parachute tower in Kosciuszko Park is a monument and a symbol of the city. It is currently the only existing tower parachute in Poland. The tower was built in 1937 on the initiative of the League and the Air Defence-proof. In the 40s XX century, the German authorities decided to dismantle the tower Katowice. After the war, in the 50s XX century the tower was rebuilt. The current design consists of 35 meters. The project was carried out in the tower of Technical Office Building Bridges in Chorzow. The steel frame of the tower was 50 meters tall. At its peak led the stairs, inside the structure was a lift shaft, which ran a double electric lift.

At the top of the tower was a platform from which spikes were performed. Mounted around the platform railing made of solid steel, which is mounted door. Balustrade revolved so that the direction in which the springs can be turned over to adjust the direction of wind. From the 50s XX century there was a version associated with the literary description of the Casimir Golby, who in his book Fri Parachute tower, described the parachute tower redoubt in the Silesian scouts resisted the city of Wehrmacht soldiers and militants Freikorps Ebbinghaus. According to the author of the book Tower Defense lasted several hours, and the scouts have asked the German soldiers painful losses, including shooting down German plane. Just broke the resistance of the tower of heavy artillery shelling and the dead and injured defenders were dropped from the bridge. This heroic description was created based on the relationship of inhabitants of Katowice. What today is known about the defense, the fact that in the early days of World War II, the tower was the point of observation and Reporting Infantry Regiment 73. It is not known whether the defenders of the tower were actually the scouts, do not set the number or names of the defenders. Most likely, their bodies buried along with the bodies of the other defenders were murdered in a cemetery in Katowice.

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