Philharmonic in Lodz

The history of the Arthur Rubinstein Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra begins on February 17th in 1915. Back then, at ‘The Great’ theatre ( which is non-existent today) on then called Konstantynowska Street the Grand Symphonic Concert took place ‘for the benefit of poor musicians’. It was organized by the pianist, Tadeusz Mazurkiewicz, a conductor and composer, amateur violinist and the owner of compositions of notes created by Joseph Friedberg and Gotlib Teschner, the owner of a bookshop and a musical instruments store as well as a cello teacher.

Sixty professionals and amateurs participated in the concert. The concert turned out to be a successful event therefore it was decided to continue the venture under the name of ‘The Lodz Symphonic Orchestra’.This was the beginning of a long road for the band to establish its own headquarters and its permanent orchestra status. The prospects of settling down appeared on April 16 in 1915 when The Lodz Symphony Orchestra fell under the patronage of the local industrialist Karol Wilhelm Scheilbler. In summer seasons the orchestra performed at Staszic park at 60 Dzielna Street, an exclusive Helenow Park and The Grand Hotel yard. The concerts were organised by the orchestra, local associations as well as Polish and foreign impresarios. At the beginning of the 1921/1922 season the building was renamed to ‘Philharmonic’. At that time also, the orchestra changed its name to ‘The Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra’. The opening ceremony of the first permanent Lodz Philharmonic headquarter in history did not occur until June 4 in 1948. The joy did not last long – due to the poor technical condition and safety issues of the building it was closed in the late 80s of the 20th century. Fortunately, the gloomy forecasts for the orchestra did not happen and the continuously operating institution moved into a new building, erected in the place of the former Culture Centre building in December 2004 thus continuing the artistic history of the place.

Address: 20/22 Narutowicza Street

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