Planetarium in Olsztyn

On 19 February 1973 – on the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus – a ceremonial opening of Olsztyn Planetarium, designed by Ludomir Goslawski, took place. A colourful 205-tile composition on the east wall of atrium as well as the portrait of Nicolaus Copernicus decorating the hall were commissioned by a plastician Stefan Knapp from London. In the hall, there is also a wall painting by Zygmunt Dronski, depicting the Horse head Nebula, a dark nebula in the Orion constellation.

Main forms of Planetarium’s activity are astronomy programs attended each year by a few thousands of spectators. The starry sky presented during the shows as well as interesting astronomical phenomena provide long – lasting memories. In addition, primary and secondary students are offered didactic presentations and other educational projects launched by the Planetarium. There is also a specialist library, comprising a few thousands of books and a few hundreds mainly astronomic and astronautic periodicals. People hooked on astronomy may attend lectures of specialists active in Polish centres for scientific research.

Address: 38 J. Pilsudskiego Street

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