Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz

The Bydgoszcz Philharmonic ranks among the leading musical institutions in the country. It has two permanent artistic groups. One is established in 1946. Its traditions date back even further, to the interwar period, to City Symphonic Orchestra which exist at that time. The other group is Capella Bydgostiensis established in 1962, one of the first groups in Poland to present ancient music using instruments of the period and their replicas. The output of both musical groups in the Pomeranian Philharmonic includes numerous album recordings and foreign tours.

Moreover, composers write music especially for them, since both Ignacy Jan Paderewski State Philharmonic Orchestra and Capella Bydgostiensis take part in world premieres of the works of such eminent musicians as Gorecki, Kilar, Schaeffer, Twardowski or Penherski. November 16th 1958 is an extremely important date in the more than 50-year-long history of the Pomeranian Philharmonic – when the first concert took place in its newly erected, exceptionally stately edifice. The building, raised through admirable efforts of the Philharmonic’s late long-standing director Andrzej Szwalbe, has an 880-seat concert hall with superb, world-famous acoustics, a 150-seat chamber music hall, and 170-seat concert foyer. It’s 47-pipe mechanical organ is installed in the back of the concert hall stage, spacious enough to hold a grand orchestra and a choir. In the main foyer and side halls one can admire a rich collection of busts of famous composers and unique tapestries custom-woven at the order of the Philharmonic. The artistic activities of the Pomeranian Philharmonic include symphonic and chamber concerts as well as recitals of greatest virtuosos from all over the world. Since 1958 the Philharmonic has also been engaged in extensive educational projects involving children and youth. Around 1000 programs and concerts aimed at developing the love of music are organized each year for 300 thousand young listeners.

Address: 6 Szwalbego Street

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