Rock Climbing

It’s quite dangerous sport for fit and courageous, determined people. The best places for climbing are in Tatra Mountains, picturesque surroundings of Marine Eye Lake or Five Polish Ponds Valley are good choice, because besides climbing there is an opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape.

Routes here are the most difficult and dangerous. To climb in the area of Tatra National Park a licence in needed. You can buy a special equipment in the climber’s shops. Free access is to the rocks in Karkonosze Mountains and Krakow-Czestochowa Upland.

In the areas where is lack of mountains, climbing is possible on concrete walls. Such climbing centres are in all bigger cities in Poland, you can climb there on walls with different levels of difficulty. What is more, often old fortifications from 20th century have found a new use as a climbing walls.

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