Silesian Amusement Park in Katowice

Silesian Amusement Park was opened in 1959, in the center of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia (cities of Chorzow and Katowice) in Silesia. It has an area of 26 ha. In 2008, it has been visited by 253 000 patrons. It is the largest permanent amusement park in Poland. If you’re a fan of old amusement parks like Vienna’s Prater, you’ll get a kick out of this product of a bygone era which features some rides and amusements that literally date back to 50 years ago, among them a drenching water ride, haunted house ride and a couple twirling whirligig rides.

There are plenty of more modern thrills to get excited about however, including the ‘Tic-Tac Tornado’ – the highest, fastest roller-coaster in Poland, with two 360 degree loops, and the ‘Silesia Tower’ – from which screams can be heard throughout almost the entire park as its spinning carousel free falls 14 floors, creating almost 3 seconds of weightlessness. There are more than 50 attractions in all and your admission fee is good for all of them, as many times as you want, until the park closes. It’s a fun outing, in turns amusing and amazing – one of a kind.

Address: 1 Atrakcji Square, Park of Recreation & Culture, Chorzow 

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