Solny and Wodny Market in Zamosc

The Solny Market is one of the two smaller market squares situated on the crosswise axis of the town, which probably never got an ideal shape (50m x 50m). It was called ‘Solny’ (‘salt’) because salt brought from Drohobycz and Wieliczka was stored and sold here. The buildings on the market are varied. The most interesting houses are located along Zamenhoffa Street – the corner house, decorated with a frieze under the windows featuring a twig stemming from a jug stands out from the others. In 1829, after some houses had been pulled down, a drill ground was set up at the back of the town hall.

The Wodny Market is located on the crosswise axis of the town, south of the Great Market Square. This rectangular square that measures 50m x 70m was not meant to be a market but a housing site. Its name ‘Wodny’ (‘water’) comes from a nearby pond, located south of the square. No arcaded houses have been preserved. Field research confirmed that such houses used to be here and the Bukowina church painting presenting Zamosc shows what they looked like. The present rectangular shape of the square that differs from the original shape dates back to the 19th century.

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