The Church of Saints Adalbert and Stanislaw in Rzeszow

The Church of Saints Adalbert and Stanislaw is the original parish in Rzeszow with more than a dozen parishes added in Rzeszow over time. It dates back to 1354-1363 Wniebowziecia NMP, the Church of the Assumption, has its roots in 1513 but it was a Bernardine cloister. The Church of the Holy Cross, has its roots in 1645, but it was a cloister of the Poor Clares and became a parish church only in 1989.

In 1890, Rzeszow was in the Rzeszow administrative district and Rzeszow township. Jewish residents worshiped in Rzeszow. Greek Catholic residents worshiped in Zalesie.The auxiliary parish church in Staroniwa has become an independent parish. The Parish Church is the oldest church in Rzeszow. It is surrounded with walls and was implemented to the defensive system of the city.
In the 18th century, it was thoroughly rebuilt and the separate tower, the bell tower, was erected. In the chancel, the late Renaissance grave relieves of Rzeszowscy were left, and interior obtained Baroque and Rococo decor.

Address: 5 Farny Square

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