St James Basilica in Szczecin

St. James’ Archcathedral Basilica is the biggest church in Szczecin and the second tallest church in Poland (110-metre-tall tower). It is located on St. Jakub Street. The church was founded in 1187 by Beringer of Bamberg. The two-tower-basilica church, initially Romanesque, was being developed till the 14th century. Among the architects in charge, there was Heinrich Brunsberg.

In 1456, the Southern tower collapsed due to the hurricane, destroying part of the church. During the reconstruction completed in 1503, an one-tower-layout was implemented, also, the whole church was remodelled. In 1677, during the war between Sweden and Prussia, the church was burned together with the Medieval spire on the tower. During the reconstruction, it was decorated in the Baroque manner. In 1893, the complex renovation process was launched. Its part was the spire reconstruction financed by Karl Gerber. The first approach was a complete disaster – in 1894 whole construction was blown off during the windstorm. Finally, the renovation ended in 1901. The tower was 119-metre-tall then. Between 2006 and 2008, another renovation took place. The flooring and heating system were replaced, new organs were built and (after the tower structure had been strengthened) the spire was redesigned. In front of the cathedral, you will see the sculpture of Virgin Mary, and the “St. James” bell casted in 1681.

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