St. Roch’s Church in Bialystok

The parish church of Christ the King and St. Roch was erected on a hill between 1927 and 1946. It is one of the very first churches in the world built in a totally modern style. The building was designed by prof. Oskar Sosnowski and erected as a votive offering for restoring independence and freedom.

The church replaced a chapel of St. Roch founded in 1748 by Jan Klemens Branicki. The church was built on an octagonal plan and features high, narrow windows and a slender, 83 metres high tower crowned by a statue of St. Mary. The interior is strikingly plainly and frugally designed. The church is surrounded by a high wall with four smaller towers. At the main entrance overlooking  Lipowa Street there is a statue of Christ the Good Shepherd accompanied by a flock of sheep created by S. Horno – Poplawski. It is a good observation point offering a wide view on Lipowa Street and large parts of central Bialystok.

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