The Church of the Saint Cross in Rzeszow

Orthodoxy in Rzeszow dates back to the old days. The records of the municipal court in Przemysl signify that in 1499 there were three Orthodox temples and two monasteries in the city, including the Monastery of St. Nicholas. In 1580 Katarzyna Wapowska, the castellan of Przemysl, began the attempts to destroy Orthodoxy in the region.

Thanks to the God’s will, St. Nicholas had not abandoned the city. After many years a new Orthodox church was established in Rzeszow. In 2004, by bishop Adam’s blessing, father Jerzy Mokrauz (who had to commute from Przemysl) started to organise the religious life in the city. He worked hard to reach people who wanted to have a church in the city. The work of father Jerzy was continued by father Kadylo, who struggled for many years to organise the life of his parishioners. Until the church was built, people prayed in various substitute buildings, such as apartments, offices, etc. In 2007 there was established a temporary church dedicated to the Translation of the Relics of St. Nicholas from Myra in Lycia to Bari. Soon the construction of the temple began and in 2010 the foundations were laid. The next stage of the construction started in spring 2011. For such a small community building a church is a challenge. Yet they believe that with God’s help, their Lady’s Care, the help of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (who is the patron of their parish) and the help of All Saints they will manage to complete this God’s work. They also believe that St. Nicholas will keep sending people good at heart who will support the erection of the new temple.

Address: 89/3 Dabrowskiego Street

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