The Former Lublin Industrialists Bank-The Grand Hotel in Lublin

The Lublin Industrialists Bank (Kasa Przemyslowcow Lubelskich) was established in 1884 by the owners of the largest factories at that time: Adolf Frick – owner of a brewery, Emilian Domanski – owner of a tannery, Edward Krausse – owner of a mill, and August Vetter – owner of a brewery and a malt house. The newly established crediting cooperative with unlimited liability was called “Lublin Industrialists Bank.” In 1926, the name was changed to “The Lublin Industrialists and Farmers Bank.” The bank assisted the operations of Lublin industry and crafts by granting cheap loans.

The three-storey eclectic building with elements of Renaissance, Classicism and, most of all, Baroque style was erected very quickly. The construction works were commenced in mid 1899, and the building was finished in November, 1900. The building served banking, administrative, commercial and residential purposes. On the ground floor, there was a fancy cafe. The building has two representative facades, viewed from Krakowskie Przedmiescie . The corner is decorated with a dome and a small lantern. Below, there is a clock and the coat of arms of Lublin Gubernia (province), which consists of two parts: the coat of arms of Lublin Voivodeship (a jumping deer) and the coat of arms of the city of Chelm (a bear among three trees). During the Second World War, the building was occupied by the Germans, who converted the building into a “Deutsches Haus” (The German House). In 1951, the Polish State Treasury converted the building into a hotel. After a major renovation and modernization in 2001-2002, during its original characteristics were preserved, the building became a prestigious and luxurious four-star hotel, the pride of its Owner (Vor der Heyden Group) and the city.

Address: 56 Krakowskie Przedmiescie 

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