The Old Town Market Square in Lublin

The Old Town Market Square is the central point and the best known place in Lublin. It used to be a historical centre of the city. It was located on the outskirts of the old stronghold, near the former bulwarks, after Lublin had received a city charter from Wladysław the Short, King of Poland.

The dimensions of the market square are 62 x 72 m. According to a historic land development, the market square was the starting point of two roads, meeting at a right angle. The centre of the market square is occupied by the Crown Tribunal building. Lublin, by some tourists called “little Krakow”, has historic architecture and a unique ambiance, especially in the Old Town. Catering to students, who account for 35% of the population, the city offers a vibrant music and nightclub scene. Lublin has many theaters, philharmonic orchestras and museums. Old buildings, even ruins, creates magic and unique atmosphere of the city. Lublin’s Old Town has cobbled streets and traditional architecture.

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