Town Hall in Bialystok

The Town Hall in Bialystok was build 1745 ( the central part of the building) and the tower and wings 1755-1761. Now the area near of the town hall is closed for cars and there are some cafe gardens. In the Town Hall there is a museum. After 8 years of its existence, according to the Minister of Arts and Culture directive issued on July 27, 1957 the Regional Museum in Bialystok became converted into a district museum. 

Bialystok Town hall is not so unique now. It was rebuilt after World War II. The original building was constructed in 1745, here it got few functions: prison, courtroom, marketplace and nowadays – museum of Podlaskie region. The town hall, as almost whole Bialystok’s centre, was badly damaged during World War II.

Address: 10 Kosciuszki Market

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