Town Hall in Czestochowa

The Town Hall is a symbol of the city, reminds people of the foundation of the up-to-date Czestochowa. It was erected for the seat of the local government of the new town in 1828, two years after the official merger of the Old and the New City. Unlike municipal buildings in most other towns, the Czestochowa Town Hall is situated on the transverse axis of the town’s central square.

Extended in 1908, the Town Hall became a two-storey building with a round tower in the centre and two detached buildings nearby. Originally the Town Hall was surrounded by a big garden on its three sides except for the front. On the ground floor there were offices, whereas the upper floor was designed as the apartment for the Mayor of the town. The right-side building housed a prison, whereas in the left-side building was assigned to guards and officers. Now the old Town Hall is the main seat of the Czestochowa Museum.

Address: 45 NMP Avenue 

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