“Under the Lions” Tenement House in Lublin

It is located on 9 Rynek Street, on the east side of the market square, known as the Konopnica family side of the Old Town. The original owner of the tenement was Jerzy Organista. While it was owned by its next owners – the Cholewinski family – It was rebuilt in a Renaissance style, around 1600. 

It was crowned with an exceptional attic decorated with three stone lions. The next reconstruction took place in the 19th century, when it was purchased on an auction by Jozef Prus Potocki. In 1824, he hired Jakub Hempel to rebuild it. It was extended with a Classicist monumental facade facing the Market Square. The stone lions ions were removed from the attic and placed on the cornice of the ground floor. Therefore the name of the tenement house – “Under the Lions” – Pod Lwami. During the Interwar Period, the then owner, Ludwik Ksiezycki, rented a part of the tenement house to the Society of Book Lovers in Lublin.

Address: 9 Marketplace – Rynek 

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