The Vistula Panorama of Torun

The charm and harmony when viewing Torun from the Vistula river make this panorama one of Torun symbols and distinctive features. The panorama can be fully admired from the viewpoint in Majdany street, on the left river bank. Here, in the past, was, non-existent at present, bridge, linked with the Bridge Gate on the Old Town side. 

There are two border points marking the most beautiful part of the Vistula Panorama- two bridges: the road one, named after J. Pilsudski, and the railway bridge, named after E.Malinowski. In between them, on the right bank of the Vistula, there stand the buildings of the Old Town. The specificity of the Torun Old Town is mainly due to its monumental structures: the cathedral, churches, the Town Hall Tower, tenement houses, and granaries; the remains after the fortification system- gates, towers, defence walls, bastions, the remnants of the Teutonic Castle as well as the steps of Philadelphian Boulevard riverside. This place is a popular stroll-lane along the riverside. Torun panorama gains a special character when watched by night due to the stylish illumination of the most valuable monuments, which are reflected in the waters of the flowing river.

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