The White Eagle Fountain in Szczecin

The Baroque White Eagle Fountain was designed by Johann Friedrich Grael and sculptured in the sandstone between 1730 and 1732 (according to other sources: 1729 and 1732) by Johann Conrad Koch. Originally, it was located at the end of pipes bringing water to the city from Warszewskie Hills. It is located at White Eagle Square. Its bowl is trefoil-shaped, and on each side of the pedestal, there is one head from whose mouth the water flows.

At the top of the fountain, there is a huge white eagle with the crowned head, wings spread wide and water flowing out from its beak. Originally, the fountain was situated North comparing to its today’s location, closer to Konski Kierat Street. In 1866, it was moved to its current position. During the World War II, the fountain was not damaged. It was activated again in July 1945. Between 1990 and 1992, and in 2005, the fountain was thoroughly renovated. During the second renovation, two fourty-year-old weeping willows, which were said to damage the historic monument with their roots were cut down. Due to the sequence of accidental coincidences (for example, the fountain mechanism broke down shortly after it was initiated), rumors of the “curse of the willows” appeared.

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