Zamoyski Palace in Zamosc

Zamoyski Palace was the former residence of the Zamoyski family erected by Jan Zamoyski in 1579-1586 according to Bernardo Morando’s design. Zamoyski Palace is situated at the western end of the main axis of the town and used to be separated from the town with its own fortifications. It was a 60-meter long one-storey “front’ building which had monumental fan-shaped stairs leading to the first floor. The palace also had a four-sided tower ‘the belvedere’ with an observation terrace.

In the 18th century the palace was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The tower was made lower, its attic was demolished and it was topped with a triangular gable with sculptures on the corners. The palace building was covered with mansard roofs and was joined to the back outbuildings with one-storey galleries. In 1809 the palace ceased to be the seat of Zamosc entailers and in 1821 both the palace and the town were sold to the State Treasury. The former rich decor was destroyed while the building was being turned into an army hospital after 1831. In 1918, when Poland became independent, the palace was taken over by the town court. For several centuries the palace many times has been changed- for example after fire in 1658 year, in XVIII century style was changed on late baroque and then at the beginning of next century- on classical style. The palace lost its historical looking and decor, particularly in the eighteen thirties when it was changed for a hospital. In period between the two World Wars around object was established a park and nowadays there is John Zamoyski monument. A building from 1918 year is seat of court and in the objects added at the back of palace there are flats.

Address: 1 Akademicka Street

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