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Niechorze is one of the most attractive village situated on the Baltic Sea and Lake Liwia Luza. Niechorze borders and generally connects to the village Pogorzelica, these two towns make up a very good place to relax on the Polish coast. Niechorze consists of two parts: the western, older property at the cliff edge and the newer, more plain areas and adjacent to the lake. In the western part of the village there is a lighthouse built in 1866 in Niechorze is also the Museum of Maritime Fisheries. Lake Liwia – Luza is located 10 cm. above sea level and is one of the deepest in Poland, coastal vessels. The lake is habitat for waterfowl and is strictly ornithological reserve. Niechorze and Pogorzelce a typical tourist town with many attractions such as the beautiful wide golden beach, resinous pine forest – birch, a lighthouse, the narrow gauge railway, which can run from Gryfice-Trzebiatow. There are also organized various events, entertainment and sports, not only in the summer. Niechorze is also a harbour, so in this village we can count on fresh fish. Tourist attractions in Niechorze are e.g. Lighthouse 45 m tall, Museum of Fishery and narrow-gauge railway.

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