Skiing in Poland & Snowboarding

Polish mountains  offer very decent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Some ski resorts like Zakopane, have been already discovered and appreciated by foreign visitors, some of them are still well-known only to Polish people. In recent years many ski-lifts have been renovated, enhanced and today do not differ from alpine ones in terms of standard. But there is one, major difference between Polish and alpine resorts that no one can deny – prices. Prices of accommodation, transfers, food, ski lifts and ski rental. If you take into account also great atmosphere, hospitality and lots of interesting places around which can be visited during one day tours, idea of spending your winter holidays in Poland may be really worth consideration.

We are here to help you with anything you may need – arranging accommodation, airport transfers, tours, ski instructors and first of all we can advise which place would be best for you, when to come and we will offer you best possible prices for all services – we can prepare any package on your request so please contact us with any questions.

To have idea of how cheap your skiing holidays in Poland could be, please take a look at some basic information:

1. Airport transfers

All major ski resorts in Poland are located in the high mountains in southern Poland so the only airports that should be considered are Krakow or Katowice. Warsaw is very far, transfer would take most of the day and would be very expensive.

On our website we suggest 3 major ski resorts: Bialka Tatrzanska, Zakopane and Krynica. Bialka Tatrzanska and Zakopane are pretty close to each other (approx 20 km) and estimated driving time from the airports would be the same:

  • up to 2,5 hours from Krakow Airport
  • approx 3,5 hours from Katowice Airport

Driving time to Krynica:

  • 3,5 hours from Krakow Airport
  • 4,5 hours from Katowice Airport

Sample prices we could offer you as a travel agent would be:

  • Krakow Airport -> Bialka/Zakopane 450 PLN (1-3 pax)
  • Katowice Airport -> Bialka/Zakopane 700 PLN (1-3 pax)
  • Krakow Airport -> Krynica 600 PLN (1-3 pax)
  • Katowice Airport -> Krynica 850 PLN (1-3 pax)

*price apply if you do not have your own ski equipment, if you do, price would be a bit higher…

2. Ski lifts

In Krynica there is one major complex called Jaworzyna Krynicka. In Bialka there are 2 small complexes, in Zakopane there are many single lifts plus a few small complexes and Kasprowy Wierch – considered the best slope in Poland (also one of the most difficult ones).

Sample prices:
-Jaworzyna Krynicka (for all lifts in the complex):

  • ski pass from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – 85 PLN per person
  • 2 days ski pass – 195 PLN per person
  • 7 days ski pass – 515 PLN per person

-Szymoszkowa lift in Zakopane

  • 1 day ski pass – 90 PLN per person
  • 3 days ski pass – 210 PLN per person

3. Rental of equipment

Usually there is a big choice everywhere and no problem with availability so definitely it can rented at the place here in Poland.

Prices vary depending on certain lifts and also if rental is closer to the lift or a bit further but it costs approx:
35 PLN – 50 PLN per day for full ski or snowboard equipment
If you rent for many days, there are always some discounts, up to 25% in case of 6-7 days

4. Accommodation

Of course it all depends on location and standard and also on time period and duration of the stay – every hotel has different policy of prices and availbility sometimes also is an issue. Very important is how many people are in a group. We always negotiate with hotels for our clients if we know exact dates and number of people.

Just to give you example:
Small Villa Hotel in Zakopane with very good standard and location 250-400 meters to few different ski lifts and 1,5 km from major street of Zakopane costs approx 240 PLN per night per twin room

Generally there is a very wide offer for accommodation from luxurious hotels to very budget guest-houses.

5. Ski instructors

We can also arrange ski instructors. Approx rate is 80 PLN per 1 hour per 1 person or 120 PLN total for 2 persons

If you wish to find out more about major ski resorts in Poland, please read below:

Skiing in Zakopane

Zakopane is a beautiful town and it is perfect for lovers of white madness. There are many ski-lifts that are in service from the beginning of December until the half of April. The slopes are open from morning hours to late evening hours. Zakopane has a great offer for the beginners who want to learn skiing or snowboarding. However, there are also more challenging slopes perfect for more experienced skiers. Apart from some great skiing areas it also offers very good accommodation and food services – there is a range of various restaurants and inns. It seems to be an ideal place to stay for at least one week. Among the best slopes there are:

Kasprowy Wierch – quite challenging and perfect for intermediate skiers (minimum age: 10 years). The summit of Kasprowy Wierch can be reached by cable car from Kuznice. It is really worth choosing because it offers the longest skiing slope in Poland, picturesque views and unforgettable experience. What is more, good skiing conditions can hold even until the beginning of May!

Nosal Ski Centre – this is another very good place and a real paradise for white madness lovers. It offers a wide range of ski-lifts. There are slopes for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers so everyone can find something suitable for themselves. You can reach the top via the chair-lift. Some slopes are illuminated so you will be able to experience fantastic night riding.

Szymoszkowa Ski Centre – it is also a very interesting place. Pretty long and mild slope which can be reached by shorte lift and longer lift. Longer lift takes you to the top of the mountain where the slope is more challenging and shorter only to the less than half of the mountain and this is perfect for those who begin their adventure with skiing or snowboarding.
Harenda Ski Centre – this is a good place for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced skiers. It offers very good skiing conditions. Additionally, at the foot of the ski slopes there is a snow park for snowboarders and a small ice rink.
If you decide to choose Zakopane you will definitely spend an excellent winter holidays!

Skiing in Bialka Tatrzanska

If you do not want to follow the beaten track you can visit some of the local villages like, for example, Bialka Tatrzanska with its modern ski centre. The prices are very affordable – less than half of what you might pay in some western European resorts, which sounds very encouraging.

Bialka Tatrzanska is a picturesque village situated near Zakopane. There is a very popular ski centre which consists of three resorts:

Kotelnica – it is one of Poland’s most trendy ski resort. It offers various kinds of slopes and chairlifts. It is a place for skiers of all ages and levels – perfect for the whole families and groups of friends especially if there are participants of different levels of skills. The slopes are illuminated and artificially snowed. The quality of slopes and other amenities there is very high with the prices that are very reasonable.

Kaniowka – is located near Kotelnica. Three lifts are available there. It is a very interesting and friendly place to ski.

Bania – three ski lifts are available there. You can get to the top via chair-lift or on foot. Additionally, along the slopes there are loudspeakers which makes skiing even more enjoyable.

If you have not decided yet where to go on your winter holiday, Bialka Tatrzanska will definitely be a great choice!

Skiing in Krynica

Very good slopes can be found in Krynica. Krynica is located in the south eastern part of Poland in Beskid Sadecki Mountains. It is a region of Poland with long winter traditions. Currently, it is one of the leading and most modern centres for skiing in this region. Krynica offers the following, very popular ski resorts:

Jaworzyna Krynicka – offers 8 lifts and 7 great and challenging slopes suitable for skiers at different levels of skills. Jaworzyna Krynicka is a very attractive ski resort offering numerous opportunities to experience a great ski adventure. Comparing to other ski resorts in Poland it is rather a place for intermediate and advanced skiers because most of the slopes are not good for first-timers and beginners.

Slotwiny – this ski resort is the oldest in Krynica. There are 2 ski lifts and 1 chairlift. The trails are well prepared and encouraging. Very good for families.

Azoty – this ski centre offers 10 ski runs of various difficulty so everyone will find something suitable for their abilities. The slopes are artificially snowed and illuminated.

Do not hesitate to spend your winter holiday in Krynica – you will not regret it !

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