Solina tours and sightseeing

Solina is a village in the Western Bieszczady over the dam on the San River. It lies approximately 15 kilometres south-east of Lesko and 80 km south-east of the regional capital Rzeszow. The old Solina village mentioned in documents in 1436 has been flooded by the waters of the artificial Solinskie Lake. It is best known for being a spa village that lies near the shores of Lake Solina and is a popular area for tourists visiting the lake. Its name comes from the word “solanka”, meaning “brine”. In 1960-68 a heavy concrete dam was built on the San, 664 m long and 82 m high. A large tourist centre has developed with an excursion boat harbour, good conditions for sailing, kayaking and angling and a quiet zone. At Solina – Jawor is a 1250 m long T-bar lift up Mount Jawor.

If you are going to spend some time in Solina you will need to book your hotel and we encourage you to do it by using our hotel search panel on our website where you will find widest choice of hotels in Solina and best rates.

We can also offer you many tours and activities like:

  • hiking
  • climbing
  • mountain and bicycle tourism
  • visiting Bieszczady National Park
  • tour to Myczkowskie Lake – an artificial reservoir
  • tour to Rzeszow
  • tour to Slovakia

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