Swinoujscie tours and sightseeing

Swinoujscie is situated in the very corner of north-west Poland and ranks among the most attractive towns on the Polish coast. Like no other town in Poland, Swinoujscie is located on several dozen islands and its area is naturally limited by the Szczecin Bay, the Baltic Sea and the German border. Eastwards, the nearest neighbouring town is Miedzyzdroje. The town is situated on 44 islands of which only three: Uznam, Wolin and Karsibor are populated. Local administration and services together with the seaside district with tourist and spa facilities are located on the Island of Uznam. To Poland belongs a mere 40 sq km of the island, while its main part (380 sq km in area) is located on the German side of the border. 80% of Swinoujscie residents live there. With its attractive location, Swinoujscie has exceptionally favourable conditions for the development of marine business and tourism. The ferry terminal, a vital link between Central Europe and Scandinavia, provides regular service to Sweden and Denmark for passengers, cars, trucks and railway wagons. From the west, the town’s limits are defined by the German border, with a crossing to the town of Alhbeck opened for pedestrians and bikers. Access from Uznam Island to mainland Germany is possible via railway and roads 110 and 111. 12 km away from the border there is Heringsdorf Airport. The distance from Swinoujscie to Berlin is only 160 km, to Sweden 175 km, and to Denmark 150 km. In Swinoujscie there are two ferry links between Uznam and Wolin. As the ferries provide the only service between the islands, Uznam residents rightly call themselves genuine islanders. The FAMA Artistic Festival of Academic Students is held at Swinoujscie amphitheatre in the park on Matejki Street every July. At the end of the summer season the All-Poland Review of Sea Songs is held, named Windmill, after the tower in the form of a windmill – a sea-mark standing on the breakwater of the Swinoujscie port.

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We can also offer you many tours and activities like:

  • tour to Karsiborska Kepa – an island in the Swina delta with a private ornithological reserve on 180 ha with bird-watching facilities. 150 species of birds nest here and a few dozen more live here in autumn and winter
  • tour to Miedzyzdroje
  • tour to Szczecin
  • tour to German: Alhbeck or Berlin
  • tour to Denmark – by ferry to Copenhagen all year round
  • tour to Sweden – by ferry to Ystad or Malmo all year round
  • tour by cruise ship
  • tour by ferry
  • visiting the Wolinski National Park

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