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Wolin is a town situated on the southern tip of the Wolin island off the Baltic coast of Poland. The island lies at the edge of the strait of Dziwna in Kamien Pomorski County in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The town, now a fishing port and gateway to the island’s bathing resorts, has a population of approximately 4,900. Dating from the 9th century, it has been associated with the semi-legendary settlements of Jomsburg, Jumne, Julin and Vineta. It played an important role in the conversion of Pomerania and in 1140 became the first see of the Pomeranian diocese. Several ruins from the Slavic period occupy the area. The early medieval town fell victim to the late 12th century Danish raids, and was refounded during the Ostsiedlung in 1260. Since 1945, the town is part of Poland. A folk event called the Viking Festival has been staged at Wolin in summer for a few years now. According to the Vikings lived here in the 10th c. They had a fortress and their own laws. The spectacular historical shows are participated by actors from England and Denmark, who can really feel like Vikings.

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We can also offer you many tours and activities like:

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