Attractions in Beskid Slaski

Beskid Slaski is a mountain range in southern Poland. It is part of Western Beskidy. It is bordered by Beskid Zywiecki at the south east and the Zywiec Valley in the east.

Beskid Slaski consists of two smaller mountain ranges divided by the valley of the Vistula river – Czantoria and Barania Gora. Some of the most popular towns in Beskid Slaski include Bielsko-Biala, Wisla and Ustron. This region is full of interesting attractions, that will surely satisfy anyone. This article will give you information about some of the best places to visit in Beskid Slaski.


Skrzyuczne is the highest peak in the Beskid Slaski mountain range. It elevates in the side arm of the Barania Gora mountain range. This arm divides the valley of the Zylica river from the Zywiec Valley.

Starting in the late 1960s, several small caves were discovered in the slopes of Skrzyczne, which were created in the sandstone, which shaped the mountain. At the top of Skrzyczne there is a mountain shelter and several other facilities for tourists, including a swimming pool for chidlren, a climbing wall and a playing field.

Barania Gora

Barania Gora is a mountain peak with the height of 1215 meters, located in the south-east part of Beskid Slaski. This mountain is situated at the border of the Cieszyn and Zywiec counties. In this area tourists can visit the „Barania Gora” nature reserve with the surface of 386 hectares, which occupies the peak parts of the mountain along with the spring area of the Vistula river. At Barania Gora there is a network of tourist trails, which lead to Skrzyczne, Malinowa Skala, Przelecz Salmopolska and Wegierska Gorka, among others.

At the Przyslop meadow upon Barania Gora there bis a mountain shelter, which was functioning in a wooden hunting lodge between 1925 and 1979.

The Woodland Surprise Park

The Woodland Surprise Park in Ustron is a very interesting attraction located at Zdrojowa street in the town of Ustron. It is an unconventional zoological garden, where you can not only look at the animals, but also touch them and feed them. In the Woodland Surprise Park you can admire all the animals that live in the Polish forests, such as deers, wild bors and even the bison. The interesting thing is that this park is also home to predator birds. Tourists can take part in special shows, during which they can not only see those birds up close, but also learn more about them.

The castle of the Sulkow princes in Bielsko-Biala

The castle of the Sulkow princes is the oldest and largest monumental building in Bielsko-Biala. It was constructed in the 14th century thanks to the effort of prince Przemyslaw I Noszak of Cieszyn, and over the following centuries it served as one of the headquarters of the Cieszyn Piasts. Since the late 16th century, the castle gradually transformed into a noble residence.

Currently, the castle of the Sulkow princes is the location of a museum, which has an impressive exhibit with a 19th-century representative staircase, a military room and a gallery of Polish and European art from between the 14th and 17th centuries.


Klimczok is a mountain peak in the north-east part of the Barania Gora mountain range. Through the peak runs the historical border between Silesia and Lesser Poland. The peak of Klimczok is shaped like a mound with a round top. In the slopes of Klimczok there are two caves – the Ali Baba cave and the Pietrowa cave in Klimczok. At the top of Klimczok there is a mast made of steel with antenas of telecommunication relays. Up until the late 1970s there was a wooden tower here, from which it was possible to see the major part of western Karpaty in the west and the Tatra Mountains in the south-east.

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