Attractions in Stary Sacz

Stary Sacz is a town located in the malopolskie region. The first historical mention about this town originated from 1257, when prince Boleslaw Wstydliwy gave the land of Sacz to princesds Kinga of Hungary. In 1683, king Kan III Sobieski visited the town of Stary Sacz on his way back from the battle of Vienna.

After the partitions of Poland, the town became part of Galicia. It returned to Poland in 1918.

Today, Stary Sacz is a small, yet charming town with plenty of attractions to discover. This article will give you information about some of the most interesting attractions in Stary Sacz.

The Market Square

Anyone, who comes to Stary Sacz will eventually reach to the town’s Market Square, which is a very charming place. But not everyone knows how sunique this place is! Stary Sacz has a well-preserved, medieval urban layout, based on the Magdeburg Law.

The first market square was paved for over 11 years, and there were 25 houses, from which 22 have survived to modern day. At the center of the market square there was once a gorgeous Town Hall, which burend down ni 1795. Its reconstruction is located in the Galicja Town in Nowy Sacz.

The Monastery in Stary Sacz

The history of the Monastery in Stary Sacz began with st. Kinga – the wife of Boleslaw Wstydliwy. In 1280, princess Kinga founded two monasteries Around the same time, construction began on a monastery church, which was originally dedicated to st. Klara.

Although the church was reconstructed many times after fires, it has preserved its gothic character, which is mostly visible by the brick itself. The interior of the small church makes a huge impression. Visitors should pay attention to the gorgeous, baroque-styled pulpit from 1671.

The platform at Wola Krogulecka

Not far from Stary Sacz there is a unique observation platform, from which you can admire spectacular views. It is precisely located in Wola Krogulecka, at the height of approximately 550 meters above the sea level.

This platform is known as „Slimak”, because it is shaped like a spiral. This shape allows to admire views from various perspectives. And these are some marvelous views! From the platform at Wola Krogulecka you can see Beskid Sadecki, the Poprad river, and even Beskid Wyspowy.

The Regional Museum in Stary Sacz

The Regional Museum in Stary Sacz has an interesting history. Originally it was a set of private exhibition rooms owned by a collector named Jozef Paszkiewicz.

In the beginning, the exhibition rooms were known as the Regional Chamber, but 40 years ago, they were officially named the Regional Museum. This institution is located right by the monumental market square, Several years ago, the museum was thoroughly renovated. The collection has plenty of interesting artefacts, associated with the visit of John Paul II and the life of priest Jozef Tiszner.

The Szeklerska Gate

The Szeklerska Gate in Stary Sacz was recently created by the monastery in Stary Sacz. It is a beautiful gift as commemoration of the canonization mass of Blessed Kinga, which was led in 1999 by John Paul II.

The Szeklerska Gate is also a sign of sympathy and the political relations between Hungary and Poland. The traditional hospitality of the Sheklers is symbolized by the fact, that the gate never closes. It is open wide for all guests, and according to local beliefs, it brings good luck and prosperity to anyone who crosses it.

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