Beautiful boulevards in Poland

Although each large city in Poland has something unique that makes it stand out from the others, all of the cities have several elements in common. One of such elements are boulevards, which are beloved by local people and tourists alike as a place to walk around and relax after a tough day of work and duties. One of the greatest advantages of boulevards is their close proximity to the water. This article will give you information about some of the most beautiful boulevards in Poland.

The Vistula Boulevards in Krakow

The Vistula Boulevards in Krakow is a complex of anti-flood, hydrotechnical constructions located in Krakow along the Vistula river.

Over the years, the run of the main riverbed of Vistula went through many changes. Up until the 13th century, the river was flowing through the current riverbed , but in 1257, shortly after the town was established, a decision was made to build a dam between Skalka and Debniki. The riverbed, which was known as „Stara Wisla” at that time, was buried between 1878 and 1880, and the Daszynskiego avenue was created in its place.

The Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard in Wroclaw

The Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard in Wroclaw is located at the southern edge of the Odra river, at the fragment between the Piaskowy Bridge and the Peace Bridge. It is situated in the area of the so-called New Town of Wroclaw. The major part of the boulevard is also the fragment of the

Old Town Promenade.

The Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard gained its name on February 15th 1965 in memory of a Polish sculptor, painter and pedagogue, who was strictly associated with the city of Wroclaw. The entire embankment is strengthened with slopes from stone pavement.

The Vistula Boulevards in Warsaw

The Vistula Boulevards in Warsaw are located at the left bank of the Vistula river in Warsaw.

Because of the of the floods of the Vistula river in Warsaw, which happened almost every year, the government of the Polish Kingdom decided to strengthen the western edge of the river. The construction of a small boulevard began in 1825. Unlike other big European cities, which where cut through with large, navigable rivers (such as Berlin, Budapest and Vienna), the Vistula embankments in Warsaw were not fully used until between 1899 and 1910.

The Piast Boulevard in Szczecin

The Piast Boulevard in Szczecin is a beautiful place for walks in a form of a nicely revitalized promenade extending over the Odra river. It attracts many pedestrians, cyclists and sailors with itd. benches, well-kept plants in flower pots and numerous monuments.

One of the greatest attractions of the Piast Boulevard is the Sailors’ Avenue, with countless monuments and information boards, which showcase the connection between Szczecin and the sea. It begins with the symbolic skeleton of the boat of Wyszak – a legendary sailor and merchant from Szczecin.

The Philadelphia Boulevard in Torun

The Philadelphia Boulevard in Torun is located on the right bank of the Vistula river in Torun. Since the midle ages, the area of the current Philadelphia Boulevard was occupied by a harbor, which accepted ships flowing to Warsaw, Gdynia and Gdansk among others. In the second half of the 19th century, the first plans to develop the area for recreational purposes were introduced.

In 1973, the area went through development in honor of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nicolas Copernicus. The former harbor wharf was demolished and replaced with a boulevard.

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