Brewery you should visit in Poland

Everyone has their favourite way to spend their free time. For some people, the best way to have some fun is going to a pub an enjoying some beer with their friends. In Poland there are many famous breweries, which have produced high-quality beer for generations. These breweries not only sell refreshing alcohol beverages, but can also be visited from the inside. Many breweries in Poland offer sightseeing tours, during which you can learn about the history and traditions of each of them.

The Zywiec Brewery Museum

The Zywiec Brewery Museum is a museum institution, which gathers artefacts associated with beer and presents the history of the Zywiec brewery.

The museum was officially opened on September 9th 2006 in honor of the 150th anniversary of the existence of the Zywiec brewery. It consists of 18 rooms with the total surface of roughly 1600 square meters. The sightseeing begins in the Three Elements Room, where you can see ingredients used to prouce beer and the detailed model of the brewery. In the next rom there is a „time machine”, which transports visitors to 19th-century Zywiec, where you can see the cooper’s workshop, a printing house and a Galician inn, The next room takes you to the 20th century. Here you can slearn about the process of producing beer. The sightseeing ends with a visit in the mirror maze.

The Tyskie Brewery

For nearly 400 years, the Tyskie Princely Brewery have been an important part of the history of Silesia. It is a pearl of the region’s architecture. This brewery has been producing beer continuously since 1629, which makes it one of the oldest breweries in Poland.

The Tyskie Princely Brewery was created from the initiative of the Promnitz family, and its most prosperous time happened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At that time, the brewery was owned by prince Jan Henryk XI Hochberg. The brewery was called „Ksiazecy” (Princely) after his title.

Jan Henryk XI Hochberg hired Julius Muller, who was a master brewer and latter became the first manager of the brewery. In 1946, the Tyskie Princely Brewer as nationalized.

Since December of 2004, every beer amateur can come here and discover the history of producing beer, as well as meet brewers, who will gladly share their experience.

The Zwierzyniec Brewery

The Zwierzyniec Brewery is a monumental brewery from the early 19th century. It was established by Stanislaw Kostka Zamoyski. The first buildings, which included cellars, storage rooms and a cooperage, were constructed betwee 1805 and 1806. In 1810, a fire broke out in the brewery, but it was quickly reconstructed. Between 1866 and 1878, the Zwierzyniec brewery suspended its activity. It was revived after World War I, in 1922. During th interwar period, the Zamoyski family began promoting the brewery and distributing beer in the entire area of Poland. Today, the Zwierzyniec brewery is available for sightseeing. It also has a charming place, where you can drink some beer.

The „Stu Mostow” brewery in Wroclaw

The idea of creating the „Stu Mostow” brewery n Wroclaw was conceived in the minds and hearts of its founders in 2012. Shortly after analyzing the beer market they started to search for partners. The „Stu Mostow” brewery was officially opened in 2014 at 2 Jana Dlugosza street and expanded in early 2018.

The „Stu Mostow” brewery offers sightseeing trips on Saturdays and Sundays. During the sightseeing visitors can discover the difference between crafted and mass-produced beer, as well as learn about the technological solutions used by the most renowned breweries in the world.

One of the most interesting elements of the „Stu Mostow” brewery is the so-called HopGun – a beer-making system based on the method of „dry hopping”, which was developed by BrauKon.

The Cieszyn Castle Brewery

The Cieszyn Castle Brewery was established in 1846 It is the oldest continuously operating brewery in Poland. The origins of the Cieszyn Castle Brewery date all the way back to 1653, when emperor Ferdynand III gave the Cieszyn duchy to his son – prince Ferdynand IV. That same year, Kaspar Tluk from Toszonowice created a brewery in the Cieszyn castle. In the 19th century, archduke Karol Ludwik Habsburg decided to construct his own brewery.

Cieszyn has very old brewing traditions. Since th 15th century, the town was the location of the town brewery. The local beer quickly became popular not only in the Cieszyn Duchy but also in the entire Habsburg Monarchy.

The Cieszyn Castle Brewery is also a living museum. Some of its buildings are used as permanent exhibits, which present the process of producing beer and the history of the brewery.

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