Cross Country Skiing Routes in Poland

Even though Poland is a country with beautiful sights of historical monuments and unique natural wonders, that are eyepleasing in the summer, admiring them in the winter is a completely different story. The sights of snow-capped mountains forest and valleys are so magnificent, that it’s hard to describe them in words. They also offer excellent conditions for cross country skiing.

Unlike traditional skiing, cross country skiing usually takes place on flat ground and is more focused on sightseeing. There are plenty of great cross country skiing routes in Poland, and this article will introduce you to the best of them.


The Bieszczady mountain range is one of the wildest and pristine regions in Poland. It offers breathtaking views that are impossible to compare with anything else. This region has approximately 20 kilometers of cross country skiing routes that intersect with each other. The easiest and most popular route is the green route, which runs along the inactive trackway of a narrow gauge railway. If you want to try a more challenging route, you should be prepared for both plains and slightly sharper approaches.

One of the best places to start cross country skiing in Bieszczady is the village of Wetlina – a crucial tourist base in this region, which offers affordable accommodation and places to eat. A good place to have a warm meal after skiing is Chata Wedrowca (The Wanderer’s Cottage), where you can enjoy a delicious regional crumpet.

Dylewo Hills

Dylewo Hills are an excellent place for cross country skiing, which will surely delight anyone, even those who are not particularly fond of this sport. It is a pleated area with beech forests and the so-called French Lake. Most of the routes are relatively easy, and they are profesionally preparred for cross country skiing. Skiers can choose between several routes with the length of between 4 and 10 kilometers. In the Dylewo Hills area you can admire enchanting landscapes and enjoy the silence and excellent cuisine of local restaurants.

The Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains are an excellent place for cross country skiing. The most famous mountain range in Poland offers plenty of great routes for those who are only getting familiar with this sport, as well as more experienced runners. There are two routes that are especially worth trying. The first route, which can be found in Chocholow, begins and ends at Siwa Polana. The green fragment, with the length of approximately 3 kilometers is good for beginner runners. Later, there is a blue fragment, which is better for advanced runners because of numerous turns and steep slopes.

The second route is located in Koscielisko, not far from the famous biathlon stadium. Each of the routes has parking lots and inns with delicious, refreshening local cuisine.

The Stolowe Mountains

The Stolowe Mountains is one of the most remarkable places for cross country skiing in Poland. Annyone, who chooses this place for trying this sport is guaranteed to be satisfied.

The Stolowe Mountains offer more than 30 kilometers of professionally prepared routes, which lead through the picturesque Stolowe Mountains National Park. There are three routes: the green one for beginners, the blue one for more experienced runners and the red one for advanced runners. Most of the routes begin and end in Karlow and include the Pasterka Mountain Shelter with local cuisine and a skiing equipment rental. The trails are marked and well-kept.


The village of Jakuszyce is located 8 kilometers away fron Szklarska Poreba, at the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Because of its special microclimate,it is sometimes called the Polish Alaska. Jakuszyce offers 100 kilometers of cross country skiing routes with various difficulty levels. Most of the routes are excellent for beginners, although they might need an instructor’s advice before they begin their first trip. At the Jakuszyce Meadow there is a parking lot and several equipment rentals. All of the routes are well prepared. You should pay attention to the sign, so you don’t accidently enter and advanced trail. You can get to Jakuszyce from Szklarskia Poreba in roughly 10 minutes.

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