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Interesting Museum in Poznan

Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The oldest written documents mentioning Poznan date all the way back to the 10th century. The first traces of human presence in this area date back to approximately 8900-8000 B.C. One of the most prosperous periods in the history of Poznan began during the reign of Wladyslaw II Jagiello. Nowadays, Poznan is a very popular tourist destination, and one of its most interesting types of attractions are its numerous museums. In this article you will be able to read about some of the best of them.

The National Museum in Poznan

The National Museum in Poznan is a cultural institution established in 1919 as the Greater Poland Museum in Poznan.

The National Museum in Poznan was created from a merger of several historical collections. The oldest of those collections, associated with the ancient history of Slavic people in the area of Poznan, was created in 1857.

In 1919, after Poland regained its independence, the museum owned by emperor Fryderyk III changed its name to the „Greater Poland Museum”. Over the following years, the museum was intensively expanded.

The Archaeological Museum in Poznan

The Archaeological Museum in Poznan is located at Wodna street in Poznan. It has many valuable archaeological collections from all over Poland, and also collection from beyond Europe.

In the early years of its activity, the Archaeological Museum gathered various national memorials. The collection of the museum orignated from donations and the earliest archaeological discoveries.

After Poland regained its independence, the museum owned by emperor Fryderyk was taken over by the country. In 1923 and 1924, the Greater Poland Museum was connected to the Mielzynski Museum.

The ICHOT Poznan Gate

The ICHOT Poznan Gate is a cultural institution in Poznan, the purpose of which is to present, interpret and promote the history and legacy of Ostrow Tumski in Poznan. It is part of a complex of objects, which is located in the oldest part of the city.

The idea of creating this institution originated from the city goverment’s attempt to revitalize the degraded areas of the center of Poznan. The concept of the Interactive Center of the History of Ostrow Tumski was defined in a document about future development of the city, which was published in 2010.

The Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve

The Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve is located at 3 Ignacego Posadzego street, at Ostrow Tumski in Poznan. It showcases memorials associated with the origins of Poland and the city of Poznan.

The Archaeological Reserve was officially opened on June 30th 2012. Its surface is 1002 square meters.

The fully interactive exhibit, which is equipped with holographic projectors, introduces visitors to the original buildings of Ostrow Tumski from the 10th century. The exhibit begins with a 3D cinema hall, where you can view a short film about the origins of Poznan.

The Enigma Code Center in Poznan

The Enigma Code Center is an institution with an interactive exhibit dedicated to the Enigma coding machine.

The place, where the Enigma Code Center is situated was originally the location of the building of a military commissariat, which was constructed between 1843 and 1847. After the outbreak of World War II, the building was occupied by the German army. When the war was over, the building was severely damaged. In 1948, the government decided not to reconstruct the destroyed building, and instead they created a new object for the authorities of the Polish United Workers’ Party.

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