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Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, has plenty of museums that everyone should visit at least once. No matter what you’re interested in, or how old you are, in Warsaw it is possible to find a museum for pretty much anyone. In this city, there is a museum for history buffs, science enthusiasts, and even those, who are interested in some rather unusual topics. In this article, you will learn a bit about several must-see museums, which will definitely stay in your memory long after you’ve visited them.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum, Grzybowska 79


The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a historical museum in Warsaw, established in 1983 as the Museum and Archive of the Warsaw Uprising. It was first opened on July 31st 2004, one day before the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising.

For many years, the construction of the museum was impossible for political reasons. There was a discussion about the need of constructing it back in 1956. However, it wasn’t until 1983, that general Mieczyslaw Debicki, who was the commissioner of Warsaw at that time, appointed the division of the Warsaw Uprising Museum by the Historical Museum of Warsaw.

In 1994, the ceremony of laying the cornerstone under the construction of the museum took place.

The museum includes an exhibit dedicated to World War II, from September of 1939 to the end of the „Burza” campaign, a room showing the fate of the uprising in august of 1944 and a movie room, where visitors can see a film called „Miasto ruim” („The city of ruins”) It’s also worth visiting the so-called „Liberty Park” located next to the museum.

The „Copernicus” Science Center, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20


The „Copernicus” Science Center is located at 20 Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie street in Warsaw.

Its purpose is to help develop science in cooperation with scientists and teachers, as well as inspire young people to observe, experience, ask questions and search for answers.

The „Copernicus” Science Center has several exhibits, including:

The Experiment Zone – this area was re-opened in April of 2018, after the change of the concepts of the exhibits. It’s a gigantic, open space, which occupies a major part of the first floor in „Copernicus” and is dedicated to nature and human science.

The Robot Theatre – here, you can watch spectacles played by thev so-called „RoboTheSpians”, such as „O krolewiczu Ferrycym i krolewnie Krystali”, based on „Bajki Robotow” by Stanislaw Lem. The robots are voiced by famous Polish actors, such as Wiktor Zborowski, Marian Opania or Piotr Fronczewski.

The High Voltage Theatre – visitors are closed in the Farady cage, from which they can admire electricity shows.

The Polish Jews’ History Museum, Mordechaja Anielewicza 6


The Polish Jews’ History Museum is located in the very center of Warsaw, in the district of Muranow. It documents the centuries-old history of the Jewish community in Poland.

The Polish Jews’ Histroy Museum was established from the initiative of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland as one of the first cultural institutions in Poland to be based on a partially public and partially private partnership.

The museum is functioning as a traditional museum and a cultural-educational center. Unlike other museums dedicated to Jewish history, it isn’t focused on World War II and the Holocaust, but rather on the Jewish influence on Polish culture, science and economics.

The building of the museum has approximately 13.000 square meters of usable area. In its undergrounds, visitors can see a permanent exhibit called „100 years if history of the Polish Jews”.

The word „Polin” in the museum’s official name, which means „Poland” in Hebrew, refers to te legend of the appearance of the first Jews in Poland.

The Museum of Life in the PRL, Piękna 28/34


If you want to find out, what life looked like for your parents and grandparents, you should definitely visit the Museum of Life in the Polish people’s republic.

Communism was a time of many paradoxes. On one side, the reconstruction of the country after the war was accompanied by a great social enthusiasm, and on the other side – it was almost impossible to escape from the increasing, party propaganda of success., while the scale of persecution of security services had no precedent in history. The average citizen of Poland at that time suffered the consequences of the rules and limits, which were the results of the insufficiency of the nationalized industry, practically every day.

The museum was established from the initiative of Rafal and Marta Patel, who were doing their best to tell people about several stages of Polish history, while driving the monumental Nysa 522 cars.

The Polish Vodka Museum, Plac Konesera 1


The Polish Vodka Museum is the only place of its kind in the world. It is located in th monumental building of the Rectification Department, in the area of the „Koneser” Center in the Warsaw district of Prague. In the late 19th and early 20th century, between the Zabkowska, Nieporecka, Bialostocka and Markowska streets, at the surface of 50.000 square meters, there was a complex of neo-gothic buildings, which created the „Koneser” Warsaw Vodka Factory. This was the place, where such iconic brands of Polish vodka as Luksusowa and Wyborowa were created.

The purpose of the creation of the Polish Vodka Museum was to present the history and traditions associated with the Polish Vodka, as well as its position in the modern world. The museum is also dedicated to highlight the importance of the distillery industry and support the characteristic way of creating Polish vodka.

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