New attractions set to open in Poland in 2022

Poland is a beautiful country with a long and eventful history, which is evidenced in countless monuments that can bww found all around the country. But that doesn’t mean that Poland doesn’t have anything that could attract more modern tourists, who prefer to visit some rather contemporary attractions. New attractions are created in Poland nearly all the time.
In this article you will be able to read about several most anticipated attractions that are planned to open in 2022 and are guaranteed to be popular among anyone interested in modern and unique experiences.

The gondola lift in Solina

In the town of Solina, a brand new attraction, which will give tourists a new way of spending their time here next summer. This is the place, where the Polish Cable Railways company is constructing a gondola lift. The station buildings are already complete, and so are all 5 pillars of the sightseeing railway.

Bieszczady, Lake Solina and the local dam are a perfect combination of nature and technology. That’s why they have attracted countless tourists for many years. That’s also why the

Polish Cable Railways company has chosen this location to create the brand new gondola lift, which will be part of their tourist offer, along with a restaurant and the „Tajemnicza Solina” adventure park.

Orientarium in Lodz

The Orientarium in Lodz is a unique project on the map of zoological gardens in Europe. Nearly half of the area occupied by the previous ZOO will become the location of modern pavilions, aviaries and animal walks. This will allow the staff of the ZOO to keep new species of animals in large and diverse habitats. The inside of the Orientarium will be arranged in a way to provide freedom of behavior for their animals and allow the visitors to observe them in conditions that are as close to nature as possible. The zoo is expected to be opened for visitors in the first half of 2022.

Funzeum in Gliwice

Funzeum in Gliwice, also known as the Museum of Light and Color, is a brand new, unique attraction in Silesia. It was created in 2022 in the „Europa Centralna” trading-entertainment centre. It’s very easy to get there from both Katowice and Wroclaw. Funzeum is a combination of a modern museum and an exciting, family-friendly amusement park. Kids are guaranteed to have fun in the surroundings of colorful and glowing attractions. In Funzeum children can enjoy the Light Exhibit, which includes a fairytale garden with glowing benches, a wall for flower painting and a crystal chamber, as well as the Color Exhibit with a photogenic honeycomb, a unicorn bench and a room that looks like the land of ice. On top of that, this is also a great place for taking photos.

Skyfall in Warsaw

Skyfall in Warsaw is an excellent attraction for anyone looking for big thrills. Imagine yourself soaring at the height of over 200 meters above the ground with Warsaw laying at your feet. When you climb to the 46th floor of this building, you might feel all sorts of emotions, such as joy, fear and excitement.
This is the highest observation terrace in Poland, and its heart is the completely glazed, four-person platform, which leans 15 degrees outward. There are also plans to create Skybar in this building, which will be a bar with the best view in the city, as well as excellent and delicious meals in its menu.

The observation tower at the Wolin Island

A new attraction for fanciers of spectacular views will be created on the Island of Wolin. It will open in October of 2022 at one of the hills in a local park.

Until recently, this place wasn’t very popular among tourists, but it will all change when the observation tower will open. It will be the only tourist attraction of its kind on the island of Wolin and in the entire region. This attraction is guaranteed to become very popular, just like some of the earliest attractions such as the local park and the Slavic and Viking Centre.

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