The best places for beer in Krakow

Tourists coming to Krakow look for attractions both for active day and evening activities. One of the most popular forms of spending the evening is going out for a beer or a drink at the bar. The list below will contain both the most popular places and gems that stand out from the rest.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

A very popular place, with a remarkable interior in the style of the Polish People’s Republic. In addition to various drinks, the offer also includes typical Polish snacks with alcohol, such as tartare, herring, gzik or sour rye soup. A large selection of beer and Polish vodkas, Żubrówka or Soplica, are available in many flavors. Lemon vodka, prepared on the spot, is also worth trying.

Tawerna Wilczy Dół

If the Witcher series is your atmosphere, it is definitely the perfect place to spend the evening. The offer includes beer and drinks that we can make ourselves from a set of vials that resemble the ingredients for the elixir. The bar is firmly embedded in the atmosphere of the series and the decor would encourage the Witcher himself to come

Klub Re

It is the oldest club in Krakow, located in the old medieval cellars. Offers a wide selection of beers and drinks. Often evenings there is played with live music of many genres, such as rock, jazz or electronic music. In the summer, one of the most beautiful and largest summer gardens in the city opens in the backyard. It has an unusual charm, many metal tables and chairs spread out in the yard, surrounded by vegetation and illuminated by a mass of small lamps that add magic to this place.


Another very popular place in the Old Town. It attracts people with cheap drinks and an interesting design. An interesting element are the two Greek-style columns inside, which gives the bar a serious look. The second eye-catching element is the wall full of banknotes from different countries of the world pinned to it, everyone can leave some of their own. But in addition to the interesting decor and cheap alcoholic drinks in Banialuka you can also order traditional Polish dishes such as dumplings, sour rye soup, bigos or hot sausage. The restaurant also has its own website where you can check the menu and prices.


This is one of the most magical pubs in Krakow’s Kazimierz. It attracts people with its unusual design and mysterious atmosphere. In the pub, each stool is different, we will not find another pair, after sunset it only illuminates dark interiors with candlelight and in the background you can listen to the noise of conversations. The restaurant has an unusual shape of a horseshoe with a separate smoking room and a garden. There are always fresh flowers on the tables, and the windows are closed in the evening by unplaned shutters. The entire bar is made of irregular pieces of wood. This seemingly unsightly and mismatched decor creates an amazing atmosphere.

Alchemia Club

One of the most recognizable clubs in Krakow’s Kazimierz. It is a place that is always full of life. The decor of this place is a mixture of retro interiors with the addition of medieval-inspired wooden details, benches and chairs. It creates an amazing atmosphere. It is also famous for organizing some of the best concerts in the city and interesting events related to broadly understood culture.

Absynt Cafe

It is an extremely cozy, atmospheric and charming place with its atmosphere. It is a perfect place for morning coffee, a party with friends, a mug of beer, a good drink or hot alcohol in winter. This is where it is worth coming to feel the taste and aroma of a real Italian espresso and dip the spoon in thick, hot chocolate. However, this unusual name did not come out of nowhere. It is in this place that you can taste this magical green drink served in a traditional way. In addition, the atmosphere is complemented by music – jazz, blues, swing, rock, the 70s and 80s it all depends on the day.

The Moon Lounge bar

A very elegant bar in a luxurious atmosphere, but at very affordable prices. Located in Krakow’s Kazimierz, in addition to drinks and beer, it offers over 30 flavors of shisha and 50 cocktails on the menu. It is a very good place to spend an evening with friends in a more luxurious environment but still in a fun atmosphere because you can also play video games here.

Mercy Brown

It is the first real cocktail bar in Krakow. The place is a bit mysterious even when it comes to finding it, as it is somewhat hidden, has no sign, and is entered through the cloakroom. The menu includes both alcoholic classics and original bartenders’ compositions. All beautifully presented. Another thing that attracts people are burlesque shows with live music, often in a retro vibe.

Cafe szafe

It is impossible to pass by this place indifferently, the building located on the corner is distinguished by a beautiful blue door with a large eye painting above them. When we enter the premises, it never ceases to surprise us. The decor was inspired by the old large wardrobes and the possibility of meeting new interesting people. Interestingly, there was even a book about this cafe. Apart from coffee, their menu also includes drinks and beers.

Chicago Live Music

A place in the atmosphere of the 1920s and prohibition in the USA. Only here you will feel the amazing atmosphere of those years. The drinks are served by charming flapper, which will make the time more pleasant with their presence. In the background you will be able to hear professional musicians playing famous hits in live arrangements. Charismatic singers, accordion, strings and a swing piano will create an atmosphere of those years that will be perfect for an evening with friends.


A chain of bars already covering 12 cities in Poland, one of them is located in Krakow. It is an interesting place, because it is dedicated to players. Apart from any choice of drinks, you can play both board games and video games. There are even game-themed drinks like potion of life. Very frequent tournaments also include tournaments and quizzes for players

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