The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland 2022

As the leaves start to fall, each day gets us closer to the most wonderful time of the year – christmas time! Everyone loves this winter celebration, and for good reason. It’s hard to think about christmas music, presents or family reunions without smiling. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is visiting a christmas fair. Each year, many cities in Poland organize christmas fairs, each of which is beautiful in their own unique way. This article will give you information about this year’s most beautiful christmas markets in Poland.

Christmas Market in Gdansk (18.11.2022 – 23.12.2022)

The christmas market in Gdansk has been organized by the International Gdansk Fairs in a traditional form for over 30 years, and it got increasingly gorgeous eveery year. At Targ Weglowy, visitors can enjoy many attractions, such as a meeting with Lucek the Moose, who talks like a human, and a colorful merry-go-round, as well as enjoy some yummy treats fro all around the world, including hot chocolate, mulled beer with ginger and aromatic spicy mulled wine in a collectible mug. The overwhelming popularity of the christmas market in Gdansk is proven by the number of guests and the success of charity events, as well as the enthusiastic reports at social media and news stations. The Chistmas Market in Gdansk will take place between November 18th and December 23rd 2022.

Christmas Market in Wroclaw (18.11.2022 – 31.12.2022)

This year marks the 13th edition of the christmas market in Wroclaw, which will begin on November 18th and will last until the last day of the year – Decmber 31st. During this special time of year, the Market Square in Wroclaw becomes an enchanting background for a fairytale scenery.

At Solny Square, guests will get into the holiday spirit thanks to various artistic events. Beginning December 1st, there will be a musical stage next to the christmas tree, where during the weekends you will be able to admire concerts and magical shows. Menawhile, children will be delighted with a meeting with Prezentus – a friendly Wroclaw dwarf, who only comes here at Christmas time. If you touch his hat 3 times, all your dreams will come true.

Christmas Market in Krakow (25.11.2022 – 01.01.2023)

The christmas market in Krakow has been organized at the Main Market Square for centuries. It has become a permanent part in the city’s event calendar and a tradition, which has a large impact at the cultural and economic development of Krakow.

During the christmas market, merchants from various countries, such as Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary, present their homemade goods, including cold cuts, various types of cheese, jewelry from fabrics and wood, ceramics and many more. The official christmas tree lgihting will be accompanied by a diverse artistic program. There will also be many christmas treats, such as roasted nuts with caramel, chocolate products and traditional gingerbread. The Krakow Christmas Market will begin on November 25th 2022 and last all the way until January 1st 2023.

Christmas Market in Warsaw

Similar to other Polish cities, Warsaw also has a long tradition of christmas markets, although it is not as popular as the ones in Wroclaw or Gdansk. The most attractive part of the event are the stalls at Barbican, which offer hand-crafted christmas ornaments and yummy treats from all around Poland. Guests can also encounter foreign sellers, which eagerly offer their national specialties. Plus, if you enjoy spending your time actively, there is an ice rink located by the mermiad monument. This is also a delightful event for kids, who will have a chance to see a blacksmithing show and write a letter to Santa Claus. The Warsaw Christmas Market will begin in late November.

Christmas Market in Katowice (18.11.2022 – 08.01.2023)

In late November, the Market Square in Katowice will become a winter wonderland once again. Among the scents of christmas trees, mulled wine and gingerbread there will be countless attractions for visitors. Kids will surely be delighted with a fairytale train and an outdoor cinema, where they will be able to watch their favourite cartoons. For older guests there will be a seasonal ice rink and a ferris wheel. There will also be a chance to try all kinds of delicious treats, including traditional smoked cheese known as oscypek, roasted nuts and christmas cookies and gingerbread.

Be sure to visit the Christmas Market in Katowice between November 18th 2022 and January 8th 2023

Christmas Market in Poznan

The christmas market in Poznan attracts people living in the city and nearby towns as well as tourists. Thanks to countless attractions, you’ll almost immediately feel the holiday spirit, and the time spent in Poznan will help you make memories for a lifetime.

This christmas market, which is also known as the „Poznan Bethlehem”, begins quite early. The market will open on November 20th at 5:00 pm at Wolnosci square, while on December 3rd, the official christmas tree lighting will take place.

One of the greatest attraction in the Poznan Bethlehem is Christmas Silent Disco, where you put on the special headphones and dance to the souds of christmas music. It is great fun!

Christmas Market in Lodz

The christmas fair in Lodz take places at Piotrkowska street and Schiller’s Passage.

Each year, Piotrkowska street get illuminated with colorful ornaments and fills up with scents of christmas treats, such as hot chocolate, flavored honey, homemade cakes and cheese from Podhale, as well as foreign products, including olives, dried tomatoes and pesto from Italy. An interesting thing for younger visitors will be tools made from chocolate, while ladies will surely be pleased with a large selection of unique and artistic jewelry.

Other attractions at the Lodz christmas fair include a meeting with Santa Claus and his helpers, as well as numerous concers of christmas music. The christmas fair in Lodz begin in late November and lasts all the way until Christmas.

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