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The most beautiful wild beaches in Poland

Without a doubt, people in Poland are incredibly proud of their Baltic Sea coast. Every year, countless tourists are attracted to the gorgeous sandy beaches, special places for relaxing marked with a blue flag, which guarantees their high quality, and unique, green dunes.

However, you might be surprised to learn that Poland also has several places, where you can peacefully relax without the noise or crowds. In this article you will find information about some of the most beautiful wild beaches in Poland.

The Piaski beach

The most gorgeous wild beaches are those that are difficult to reach, which cause very few people to come there. One of such places is Piaski, which is officially named Nowa Karczma. It is the last Polish fragment of Mierzeja Wislana. Piaski is the easternmost fragment of the Polish seaside, and the only remaining Polish town, where the border of the country runs through the beach. You can get to this beach on foot, or by bicycle through the Eurovelo trail. Once you get there, you will be able to admire the absolutely stunning sandy beach, enjoy the silence and even search for amber.

The wild beach in Stilo

In order to visit the wild and almost completely uninhabited Stilo beach, you must go to Choczewo. Because very few people visit this beach, you can easily come here to find peace and quiet, away from the crowded and noisy popular resorts in Poland. After stopping the car in the village of Osetnik, you must go approximately 2 kilometers through the pine forest. Along the way, you will pass by a lighthouse and several dunes. The beach in Stilo is only surrounded by smaller villages, and the closest large city is Leba.

The wild beach in Kopalino

Kopalino is a Kashubian village, located approximately 1 hour of walking away from the nearby wild beach, which is located between Lubiatowo and Slajszewo. It will allow you to enjoy peace and quiet. Not far frrom the beach runs the international Eurovelo R10 cycling trail, which is more than 8000 kilometers long. This is excellent news for those, who would like to ride through this beach on a bicycle. The Polish fragment of Eurovelo R10 is nearly 600 kilometers long and leads from Swinoujscie through Kolobrzeg to the village of Gronowo.

The beach in Orzechowo Morskie

Although it is possible to find some tourists at the beach in Orzechowo Morskie, there will probably only be a handful of them. This place is mostly visited by local people from Ustka, who are interested not only in the wild beach and the constantly changing cliff coast, but also in the local

50-meter observation tower, which looks just like a lighthouse. While climbing up the 240-step winding stairs you can admire the breathtaking landscapes, which are difficult to see in popular seaside resorts, including dunes with pine and and beech forests.

The Poddabie wild beach

Poddabie is a settlement between Ustka and Rowy, inhabited permanently by approximately 40 people. But it is still definitely worth visiting, especially if you prefer waching the fine sand and crystal clear waters. If you enjoy relaxing on the beach without being surrounded by crowds of tourists, the wild beach in Poddabie is the perfect place for you. In the surroundings of the beach it is possible to find a few small shops and places to eat. In many places, this settlement is still untouched by human activity, and even the roads leading to some spots are still quite wild.

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