Things you must do while visiting Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful Polish city rich in many monuments and tourist attractions. Being here, you have to take the opportunity to visit some unique places.

  1. Try the famous Krakow obwarzanek

The first thing you should do when you come to Krakow is to try the famous Krakow obwarzanek. This delicious Krakow delicacy has become the city’s trademark. Staying in the food category, it is also worth going to Kazimierz for the famous casseroles. In addition to the classic casserole, we can also order one with special additives such as: ham, salami, dill, salmon, corn. We can also choose from various cheeses such as feta, camembert or bundz. For the locals it is a reminder of the carefree years of youth and for visitors a snack worth trying.

2. Climb one of Krakow mounds

On the tourist map of Kraków, we can also find such interesting objects as mounds. These huge earth embankments attract crowds of tourists. There are five mounds, the two oldest – Wanda and Krakus, the most popular is the Tadeusz Kościuszko Mound, the largest is Józef Piłsudzki, and the youngest and smallest is the John Paul II Mound. These are definitely objects worth visiting during your stay in the city.

 3. Try typical Polish dishes

Returning to the culinary part of the city, it is also worth going to some traditional restaurant to try typical Polish dishes. Many of them serve the most associated with Polish dish – dumplings. However, the menu of such places is very extensive, you can also try traditional sour soup or borscht. The Polish delicacy also includes meat dishes, such as pork knuckle or roasted duck. Food is a great way to learn about culture.

4. Relax with a cup of your favorite coffee

Visiting a cafe will also be a nice form of spending time. Already in the very old town you will find many beautiful places that attract the eye. If we try enough, we will manage to find a beautiful and intimate place. Many of them have their own unique atmosphere, which, combined with good company, will create the perfect atmosphere to relax with a cup of your favorite coffee.

5. See Wawel dragon

Another very important point on the map of Krakow is a bronze sculpture set on a stone near the Wawel Hill. We are talking about the famous Wawel dragon which stands right next to its legendary cave. There is also a legend associated with the creature. The dragon was the terror of the ruler Grakch’s subjects, it was an extremely dangerous creature, so it became necessary to sacrifice cattle. The king ordered his two sons to kill the monster. However, a direct confrontation with the beast would have ended in death, the king’s sons decided to deceive. Instead of the usual cattle sacrifice, they put him on cattle hides stuffed with sulfur. The dragon swallowed it eagerly, and the flames choked the dragon and burned its body from within. Therefore, the sculpture breathes fire.

6. Visit Main Market Underground Museum

While standing in the market square, everyone admires the surroundings, but has anyone wondered what is under the market square? There is an extremely interesting exhibition below the surface of the earth. It presents the archaeological excavations carried out in 2005-2010. An archaeological structure with an area of 4,000 square meters, it has modern multimedia shows. Thanks to the work of archaeologists, it was possible to get as much as 5 meters into the market square. During these excavations, they found over 11,000 exhibits related to the salt, lead and copper trade and the former lives of the inhabitants.

7. Relax in Forum Przestrzenie with amaizing view of Wawel Castle

If we want to relax, meet new people, listen to live music or have a drink, Forum Przestrzenie is a great place. It is an ideal place to spend time during the day and in the evening. A special space created on the site of the former Forum Hotel attracts many people with its great atmosphere and interesting events. Right next to it there is also a very interesting attraction – Cracow eye. This ferris wheel allows you to see a beautiful view of the city skyline and the river.

8. Discover Zakrzowek

Zakrzówek is one of the most beautiful diving reservoirs in Poland, the water reservoir was established in 1990 after flooding the old limestone quarry. Located southwest of the Old Town, it consists of two reservoirs connected by an isthmus. The lagoon is one of the favorite vacation spots of Krakow residents, but swimming is forbidden here. The reservoir is available for divers: at a depth of 7-21 meters you can see, among others fiat 125, bus, van, boats and the former changing room of workers. In the vicinity of the lagoon there are groups of rocks and rock walls, called Twardowski Rocks. A large number of climbing routes have been marked out here, equipped with permanent belaying. It is a great place to spend time actively.

9. Try cruise on Vistula River

Krakow is a beautiful city offering many monuments and attractions, it also has beautiful views that can be seen from various vantage points. However, an interesting form of rest with a view stands out among them – a cruise on the Vistula River. This form of admiring the views is very popular. There are many possibilities for cruising, from small boats to large ones, which can also be hired for various occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. It does not matter whether you are traveling in a group or the cruise itself is a great solution.

10. Visit Schindler Factory Museum

Many people certainly know Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Schindler’s List’. It is in Krakow that you can admire the exhibition “Krakow – Nazi Occupation 1939-1945”, which is located in the former building of the famous factory of Oskar Schindler. The exhibition presents the complicated wartime history of the city, the life of Oskar and the Krakow Jews he saved. It is an extremely interesting point. on the city map and a special treat for history fans.

11. Meet some cats in cat cafe 🙂

If you love animals and you are bored with ordinary cafes, a cat cafe will be a great alternative. Such places can already be found in many cities in Poland, but this Krakow cafe was the first. It is located on street Krowoderska 48. It is a place where you can drink coffee in a nice, cozy atmosphere, surrounded by cats approaching them to pet them. For variety, evenings with board games and workshops for children on how to handle a cat are held here. Some cat cafes also act as an adoption corner.

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